Current Projects

Yava Alumina – Yava has developed a process to recover high purity alumina (HPA) from coal fly ash and other readily available low cost feedstocks. Click here to view our Yava Alumina Web Site.


Yava Silica – Yava has developed a process to recover silica from the waste streams of foundries and steel mills. YTI has modified the process to produce high purity precipitated silica directly from low-cost sand deposits. Click here to view our Yava Silica LLC (“Yava Silica”)  Web Site.


Yava Technologies Inc. (YTI) has invested more than $25 million in the development of innovative, eco-friendly hydrometallurgical processes to recover minerals from waste and ores as high purity, value-added products.  These include the recovery of a range of metals such as: silica, alumina, gold, silver, lead and zinc.  Yava has also received significant assistance from the federal government of Canada to aid in the development of its technologies.

Eliminating the need for concentrating, smelting and traditional refining

Yava is attracting growing interest from mining companies and other industries because its technologies potentially eliminate the need for concentrating, smelting and traditional refining. As a result, profits may be increased by:

  1. potential lower capital and operating costs
  2. the possibility of producing a value added product on site that could be shipped directly to the end user for additional profits

For example, lead could potentially be recovered as lead oxide, a product that receives an approximate 10% premium over lead metal prices.  Gold and silver are recovered separately as metal. Yava has demonstrated at lab scale that its processes for lead and zinc can extract these metals as high purity, value added industrial products.  Yava’s zinc/lead technologies are currently being modified to recover additional metals including gold, silver, copper, nickel, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum and iron. 

A process to remove arsenic and certain other contaminants is also being patented along with a new technology for the production of lithium ion battery materials. At the present time Yava is working with a number of mining companies with gold, silver, lead and zinc deposits.  In addition, Yava is working with a major US industrial corporation designing a system to extract valuable metals from the waste stream of a number of their plants. The Yava process is a hydrometallurgical system that recovers the metals directly from ground head ore or certain waste streams.   Yava can profitably recover lower concentrations of metals and this should increase the size of a mineral deposit.  Also, Yava’s process requires less grinding than is typical for mining’s flotation process.

Yava has a state of the art wet chemistry lab at Cape Breton University (CBU) backed up by a range of analytical tools such as XRD, ICP MS, etc. as well as a pilot plant facility situated on campus.  

  • Yava Technologies Inc. has developed a high-tech, environmentally friendly, mineral recovery process that has the potential to help mining and industrial companies achieve their objectives for higher profits and smaller environmental footprint.–Bob Pepper – President YAVA Technologies

  • Yava’s technology eliminates the need for traditional mining equipment such as concentrators and smelters and yet is designed to produce high profit, value added products for a variety of industries.–Bob Pepper – President YAVA Technologies