Current Projects

Yava Alumina – Yava has developed a process to recover high purity alumina (HPA) from coal fly ash and other readily available low cost feedstocks. Click here to view our Yava Alumina Web Site.
Yava Silica – Yava has developed a process to recover silica from the waste streams of foundries and steel mills. YTI has modified the process to produce high purity precipitated silica directly from low-cost sand deposits. Click here to view our Yava Silica LLC (“Yava Silica”)  Web Site.
Yava Technologies Inc. (YTI) has developed innovative, hydrometallurgical cleantech processes to recover minerals from tailings and ore concentrates as high purity, value added industrial compounds or metals.  Minerals or metals that can be recovered include alumina, silica, copper, molybdenum, gold, zinc, lead, etc.  YTI has received significant assistance from the federal government of Canada to aid in the development of its technologies. Click here for more info on Yava Mining.