Current Projects

Yava Alumina – Yava has developed a process to recover high purity alumina (HPA) from coal fly ash and other readily available low cost feedstocks.

Yava plans to construct a Demo plant with a production capacity of 5.4 tons per day on a site in Montreal, Canada.  Yava has completed a first Round financing of CAD $7.8 million to fund the engineering, site preparation and on-going pilot and test work. 

The source of financing for the plant includes approximately $10 million from SDTC, an agency renowned for its expertise in evaluating the viability of new technologies from both a technical and business perspective. The Quebec Ministry for Economy and Innovation has also issued a letter of interest to Yava indicating that it is open to participating in financing Yava’s Demo and Full-Scale HPA plants.  Yava is in on-going discussions with interested lenders and equity investors regarding the financing for the Demo plant.

Yava’s engineers and architect are working on the building and plant design and expect to be ready to start construction in the third quarter of 2020.

After Yava’s Demo plant is in production, the company plans to construct two 20 tpd HPA plants that would provide Yava with a total production capacity of 45.4 tpd.  The timing for the new plants would be dependent on end user demand.

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Yava Silica – Yava has developed a process to recover silica from the waste streams of foundries and steel mills. YTI has modified the process to produce high purity precipitated silica directly from low-cost sand deposits.

Yava Technologies Inc. has created Yava Silica LLC to pursue its next step in the commercialization of its precipitated silica technology.  Yava silica is currently completing the engineering and design of a plant that will have a capacity of approximately 40 tonnes per day of precipitated silica and is expected to commence commercial production in early 2022. 

The company is currently investigating suitable sites in Canada and the US Midwest.  Based on product samples that have been produced the company has received strong interest from end users for its type of precipitated silica. 

Yava Silica plans to expand by adding additional plants and growing its daily production to 240 tonnes per day or more as it achieves its targeted penetration of the green tire industry. 

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Yava’s technologies for mining have the potential to eliminate the need for smelting and traditional refining. The process is designed to recover the target minerals on the mine site as value added industrial compounds or specialty chemicals that can be shipped directly to the end user.  This would eliminate the cost, pollution and problems caused by shipping concentrates to a smelter, and the cost and pollution generated by using a smelter.

For example, nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc, lead, etc. could potentially be recovered on the mine site as value added products tailored to the requirements of the industrial end users.  This would generate revenues higher than that generated by just selling metal concentrates.  Gold and silver are recovered separately as metal. Yava’s mining technologies were modified to create other technologies that are being utilized to recover high purity specialty silica and alumina products.  A process to remove arsenic and certain other contaminants is also being developed.

The Yava process is a hydrometallurgical system that recovers the metals directly from concentrates or in certain ground head ores or waste streams.   Because of the higher value product being generated Yava’s process can potentially recover lower concentrations of metals increasing the size and value of the mineral deposit.  Also, Yava’s process may require less grinding than is typical for mining’s flotation process.

Yava has a state of the art wet chemistry lab at Cape Breton University (CBU) backed up by a range of analytical tools such as XRD, ICP MS, etc. as well as a pilot plant facility.