Board of Directors


Richard Knittel has an extensive technical background in hydrogeology and is also a successful inventor of products he has sold on a wide scale. He has provided ongoing assistance to YTI in several areas including the development of documentation and overseeing the technical aspects of YTI’s wellfield program. He is also a major investor in YTI’s convertible preferred share offering.

President & CEO

Robert Pepper has a wide background of experience in financing of early stage companies in the clean tech, real estate, and mining sector. He has also provided consulting services relating to the development of precious metals properties.


Madhav Dahal PhD: YTI Vice President of Technology, the Company’s senior technical position, with the responsibility of directing development of the company’s technical programs.

Dr. Dahal received his PhD in electrochemistry from the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he served as lecturer and research chemist specializing in the manufacture of chemical, electrolytic and lithium manganese oxide.

At the invitation of Professor Conway of the University of Ottawa, Dr. Dahal moved to Canada to work with Professor Conway, who at the time was widely considered to be the leading electrochemist in the world. Dr. Dahal left the University of Ottawa to assume his duties at YTI.


Don Jackson has 25 + years of experience in law as it pertains to business and finance. He also has an extensive background in the development of detailed financial and sensitivity analysis.


Fred Fredeen has 20+ years’ experience in the securities industry marketing products in Canada, USA as well as parts of Europe and Asia. Mr. Fredeen has been involved with Yava from the early days assisting in all aspects of the financing as well as developing relationships with key members of the region in which Yava will be operating.


Gordon R. Baker has extensive experience in the area of business law, with emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing and structuring. He has acted for a number of public and private Canadian and multi-national clients, as general counsel or special counsel for specific projects, for example, the privatization of Terminals 1 and 2 at Lester B. Pearson International Airport; for Vista Cargo Terminals; for Aerospatiale and Alenia with respect to their attempted acquisition of DeHavilland Aircraft; and for The Chippewas of Rama First Nation and Casino Rama Inc. with respect to the development and financing of Casino Rama. He has lead teams of lawyers with a wide range of experience and multi-disciplines to address complex and integrated projects and problems. Mr. Baker acted as counsel (including as a registered lobbyist) advising with respect to governmental relations including strategic planning, negotiation and compliance issues.